Today, with the push to cloud-hosted infrastructure, the focal point of security strategies across organizations is securing “the cloud.” Despite the efforts to make the underlying infrastructure robust from a security perspective, one critical area continues to be amongst the leading causes behind data breaches: insecure applications and services.

Per Forrester’s The State of Application Security Report 2020, exploit of vulnerabilities in applications form ~42% of all attack vectors (of which ~35% were for web applications) behind data breaches. …

As we build Appsec360, considering it’s a SaaS platform, we consistently get questions on onboarding: how long does it take to integrate with the platform? what resource investment is needed to get the baseline workflows setup?, etc. In this blog post we cover a high level overview of the what onboarding entails and approximate time taken to get this completed.

The onboarding workflow covers the minimum setup needed for the application security and engineering teams to start using Appsec360. Actions completed during this step are detailed below along with the time and prerequisites.

Tooling integrations

Create integrations with engineering tooling systems.

  1. Project…

In Part 1 and Part 2 of this blog series, we covered details on challenges that Appsec360 will solve and why those matter for running a scalable data-driven application security program. In this final part of the series, we touch briefly on a few of the advantages that Appsec360 brings to the table for both application security teams and development teams. We will also cover some of the features of the platform.

Standardize & Automate SDL Management: Appsec360 will standardize how security is baked into the Secure Development Lifecycle (SDL). …

We built Appsec360 to address challenges in building and running a data-driven application security program by focussing on four fundamental issues I mentioned in one of my previous posts (see Part 1). Appsec360 is designed based on three pillars that influenced all our design decisions:

Transparent Security: We strongly believe that in the world of rapid development practices, to be effective, security MUST be as low touch as possible yet be effective. …


Platform to build and manage highly scalable, data driven application security programs.

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