Introducing Appsec360 Part 1: The challenges


Today, with the push to cloud-hosted infrastructure, the focal point of security strategies across organizations is securing “the cloud.” Despite the efforts to make the underlying infrastructure robust from a security perspective, one critical area continues to be amongst the leading causes behind data breaches: insecure applications and services.

The Challenge(s)

There is no lack of tooling or processes that focus on making parts of product release cycles secure in our experience, driving product security engagements across various organizations. The world of DevSecOps is crowded with point tools that execute specific functionalities extremely well. What’s missing is a control plane that will seamlessly correlate the outputs of these tools and workflows with other data points across a product release cycle to provide truly single pane access to build and run a data-driven application security program. Absence of such a unified control plane results in four fundamental problems for application security teams who deal with fast-moving development teams:

Platform to build and manage highly scalable, data driven application security programs.