Introducing Appsec360 part 3: Advantages & benefits

Platform Features

Product inventory: Current inventory of all products that an organization cares to track.

Target Audience

Appsec360 is designed to build data-driven application security programs. Any organization that writes software and has, or intends to implement, a secure software development program will find immense value in this platform. The primary target audience for Appsec360 in terms of beneficiaries:


Operational standardization secure SDLC program is critical for the overall security posture of any organization that creates software. Appsec360 will enable the operationalization of a truly data-driven application security program. It will enable development teams to release more secure products and reduce security vulnerabilities detected post-release by ensuring that security is truly baked into the SDLC workflows!



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Platform to build and manage highly scalable, data driven application security programs.